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People At Work.

Expert HR and employment law advice to support employers achieve a positive workplace culture.

What is HR?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organisation's employees. 

HRM is really employee management with an emphasis on employees as ‘assets’ of the business.  

As with other business assets, the goal is to make effective use of all employees within your Company.

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Employing People

Whether you employee 1 person or 1000 people your responsibilities as an employer are the same. By retaining our HR services and partnering with us you can be assured you will receive contemporary advice to ensure you meet your obligations.

About Us

Our Location

The Company office is in Clydebank which is just outside central Glasgow, Scotland.

Our Client Base

Most of our Clients are in the Central Belt of Scotland however we do have clients in the Scottish Borders and the Scottish Highlands.

Which business sectors do our Clients operate in?

Predominantly our Clients operate within the Financial Services, Wealth Management and Property Services Sector. Recently we were delighted to enter into partnership with two start up tech companies - exciting times indeed! We also support Clients operating within the manufacturing, building and trades, logistics and retail sectors.